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My name is Sarah Rakich and I am a qualified Early Childhood educator with over ten years teaching experience in primary schools and community kindergartens. Doing a Master of Education from the University of Melbourne sparked my interest in Philosophy for Children. In 2013 and 2015 I travelled to the University of Alberta in Canada to work at Eurekamp, a unique summer camp that introduces Philosophy for Children (P4C) to children aged five and up. Eurekamp's practice of mixing discussions with activities and games was a perfect fit for me. It helped to develop my skills as a facilitator and showed me the possibilities for creativity in P4C.

I currently have the pleasure of working at two incredible independent bookshops in Perth. At Beaufort Street Books I am the children's specialist, run several kids bookclubs across a broad age range and run Story Time for younger children. I am also part of the team at Paper Bird Books and Arts--a designated children's bookshop and creative space for kids-- and am the resident story teller at Story Time. Working as a bookseller fulfils my passion for children's literature and children's literacy, and the bookclubs provide an opportunity for me to use my skills as a facilitator to foster deeper discussions around books.

children's bookclub at Beaufort Street Books


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